Moormead House Nursing Home - Always here for you.

Visiting Services Open 24 Hours a Day

Visitors Always Welcome

Our Open-Door Policy

As a nursing home caring for vulnerable elderly people we are rather unusual in having an open-door policy.

We take the view that the last thing we want is for our residents to feel confined or cut off from the world at large.

We also like to be able to be constantly available to friends and relatives to offer support, guidance and advice whenever they wish to visit, so the open-door swings both ways, working for the benefit of our staff and residents.

Through careful planning and management, we have developed our rather unique policy which we implement around the clock.

While welcoming visitors, day or night, without an appointment we do not compromise our security measures aimed at keeping residents safe and secure. We would only ever restrict visiting in extreme or unusual medical circumstances to safeguard individual residents.

Open to View

The Moormead open door policy doesn’t just extend to those visiting our current residents.

It also serves to showcase our lovely home to prospective residents and their families, who are welcome to call in, view the home and collect a brochure whenever they wish. Just knock on the front door and we’ll be delighted to show you around and answer any questions you may have.

Although a nursing home is a busy place, we always take the time to speak with visitors, and we’re only too pleased to show off our facilities, giving you an insight into why we have won an award for being the best nursing home in Wiltshire.

What Visitors to Moormead will Find

When you visit Moormead the first thing that will strike you is the warm welcome you receive! As you tour the home you’ll see plenty of smiles on the faces of both staff and residents, and hopefully take note of the happy, relaxed atmosphere.

You’ll find everything is clean, hygienic and functioning well, the residents well-tended and content, and the staff going cheerfully going about their duties. If you’re lucky you may even catch a whiff of the aroma of the next tasty meal being cooked up by our chef, Jacqui.

You can enjoy the garden and peek into our communal areas.

Because we are keen to be transparent with all that we do, no part of the home is locked away out of bounds, but we obviously respect the privacy of residents’ private rooms. If convenient we can seek permission from a resident to show you an example.

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